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Holistic Dentistry

The Holistic Approach to Dentistry

Our Holistic approach involves looking at the entire person when evaluating you and your condition. Your body is a complex living system which is often impacted by unhealthy treatments intended to remedy other maladies in the body, harming your overall system. Increasingly more studies show just how much your oral health is linked to your overall health (even your heart's health). Our Holistic Dentistry focuses on providing healthy and effective dental solutions that benefit your overall system.

Dr Jones' dental practice utilizes a science-based minimally invasive approach. Great esthetics are achieved while keeping the whole body's wellness in mind. It is our belief that teeth are an integral part of your body and hence your overall health.

Mercury-Safe & Amalgam Free

Center for Advanced Dental Medicine provides mercury removal utilizing the safest conditions as recommended by the IAOMT. Safe mercury removal protocol is adhered to and the most compatible materials available are used to restore.

High volume evacuation and hospital grade HEPA air filtration units are used to protect you, and a mercury filtration unit is utilized to protect the environment.

We were one of the first practices to offer Holistic dentistry and have only used non-mercury fillings for well over 20 years. We will always discuss in detail the material to be used in your mouth and we have a very safe method for the removal of old mercury-based fillings.

Ozone TherapyOzone Therapy

Innovative cavity and endodontic treatment using a unique method for fast and reliable disinfection. Ozone-based treatments are highly effective, pain-free and reliable. High-dose ozone can be used in many dental applications. It penetrates to even the smallest pits and fissures of teeth to destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi.

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Biologic Root Canal

When the heart of a tooth is infected, often times extraction is offered as a quick solution. However, biologic root canals can clear the infected areas preserving the tooth in place. 

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Metal-Free Crowns

Damaged teeth might seem hopeless, but there’s often still a solid foundation that leaves you with options. A porcelain crown, or cap, can bring a compromised tooth back to full function. And with modern porcelains, you'll probably have a difficult time trying to find where the crown ends and the tooth starts.

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