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Low Level Laser

Reduce pain, improve healing, relieve muscle tension and regenerate nerves without pharmaceuticals.

Low level Lasers have been used for years as treatment for various conditions. Low level laser therapy uses light energy from lasers to encourage cellular and biological responses from the body. The laser light photons coax cells to release cellular energy, which the body uses to promote the restoration of normal cells.

Low Level Lasers are a subset of hard tissue and soft tissue laser therapies. However Low Level Lasers have remained nearly unused in dentistry even though they can provide benefits in almost every aspect of it.

Low level lasers provide benefits in many areas of our practice including:

  • Post Extraction: Significantly decreases pain, swelling, bruising and inflammation. The healing speed of the extraction will also increase.
  • Restorations: Stimulates the release of endorphins which lead to a decreased pain sensation without as much need for anesthetic.
  • Dental Infections: Reduces the inflammatory cells to facilitate faster healing.
  • Dental Implants: Substantially decreases pain and inflammation and improves the integration of the implant into the bone.
  • Facial Pain: Reduces the pain and muscle tension, while stimulating healing within the joint.
  • Dental Hypersensitivity: Low level lasers combined with a mild chemical agents reduce the potential in certain tooth fibers to react painfully to stimuli such as hot and cold. 
  • Lesions: Can prevent cold sores from erupting if treated early and speeds the healing where sores or lesions have erupted.

Low level laser light therapy is non-invasive and has no significant side effects. Light therapy uses the body’s own natural resources to provide pain relief, muscle relaxation, wound healing and nerve repair. The procedures we perform using the Low Level Laser, often leave patients in significantly less pain than they expected. Our patients are often pleasantly surprised by the improved healing speed provided by our low level laser therapies as well as the decreased pain felt after dental appointments.